Sterilization Tubing

Sterilization Tubing is a cost-effective packaging solution for sterilization. To use, simply cut the length of tubing needed for the instruments being sterilized and then seal packaging with a heat sealer or indicator tape. This guarantees that only as much tubing is used as needed, maximizing savings and customizing packaging size for the specific tool. It is ideal for long or odd shaped instruments.

Our tubing is manufactured using only durable, high quality materials, which is important when packaging sharper instruments.

Sterilizer tubing is also available with process indicators for visual confirmation of a completed sterilization cycle. Choose from a variety of widths. For more information on material specific tubing, please click on the links below for full product lines.

Dry Heat Tubing

Steam Tubing

EO Gas Tubing

Gas Plasma Tyvek Tubing

Chemical Vapor Tubing

Methods To Seal Tubing:

Heat Sealers

Indicator Tape