Indicator Tape

Chemical Indicator Tapes

When handling packaged instruments, it can sometimes be difficult to verify whether or not they have been exposed to a sterilization process. Sterilizer Indicator Tape will visually confirm that exposure to a sterilizer cycle has happened.

At a glance, tools inside pouches and tubing will be identified instantly as processed or unprocessed when indicator tape has been used. Each tape has small stripes that change color when it has reached the correct sterilization temperature. Packaging will not need to be opened or checked for sterilization.

Indicator tape can also be used as an adhesive to seal packaging and will stick to its surface throughout the sterilizer cycle. It can be used in a variety of sterilization processes including Steam, EO Gas, Chemical Vapor and Gas Plasma.

Most tape come in 60-yard rolls, designed for busy facilities who need to sterilize items regularly. Tape can be cut to any size as needed.