Indicator Strips

Regardless of the type of sterilizer you have in your facility, it’s important to verify that it’s thoroughly sterilizing your instruments. With the continued rise in infectious diseases, it is never enough to simply assume that your sterilizer is working properly. The best infection control protocol includes a process that confirms sterilization cycles are running correctly from start to finish, resulting in fully sterilized instruments.

Sterilization indicator strips provide a convenient, cost effective way to visually confirm that your sterilizer is functioning correctly. A strip is simply placed inside the sterilizer chamber prior to starting a sterilization cycle. Strips can either be positioned on an instrument tray or inside a sterilizer pouch before it is sealed. After the cycle has finished, a change in color will show that full sterilization has occurred while the absence of color or an irregular color will signal that the sterilization cycle was not completed correctly.

Available in boxes of 100 or more, each strip is manufactured with a chemical indicator that changes color when it has been exposed to a successful sterilization cycle. Indicator strips are available in a wide variety of options for use with virtually any type of sterilizer. Strips are manufactured in the USA with the finest materials at the highest performance standards for a variety of sterilization processes including Dry Heat, Steam, Chemical Vapor, EO Gas and Gas Plasma (Hydrogen Peroxide).

By observing a color change on an indicator strip, staff can easily confirm that a sterilizer is functioning properly or if there are any issues.