FDA Listed Sterilizers

All Autoclaves and Dry Heat Sterilizers sold by SterilizerUSA are listed with the FDA.

If you would like to verify these listings, please see link below to search the FDA's website.

FDA Listed Sterilizers

In recent years, states have begun requiring an FDA listed sterilizer for various businesses including nail salons. We have included information for residents of Texas and Iowa below. Please note that each state has different sterilization requirements which will vary depending on industry. If you are not sure what type of regulations your state requires, please contact your local board of health.

HB2106: Sterilization Requirements in Texas

Effective June 15, 2007, all Texas barber and cosmetology shops, salons and schools that provide manicure/pedicure services are required to sterilize all metal instruments with a dry heat sterilizer or autoclave that is listed with the FDA.

Learn more about Texas House Bill 2106

ARC 8515B: New Sterilization Requirements in Iowa

Effective March 17, 2010, all cuticle nippers, tweezers and comedone extractors used in a salon or cosmetology school must be cleaned with detergent and water and then sterilized in an FDA listed Dry Heat Sterilizer or Autoclave.

Search the FDA website

Please click here to search the FDA's website to find sterilizers that have been listed. In the field titled “product code,” type “FLE” for autoclaves, “KMH” for dry heat sterilizers. This search will provide you with the most current FDA listed sterilizers.
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Below are just a sample of our most popular FDA Registered Sterilizers. Please see our entire line of Autoclaves and Dry Heat Sterilizers for more models.