Dentronix Dry Heat Sterilizers

Most popular and recommended sterilizer for orthodontic offices

The Dentronix Dry Heat Sterilizer is designed for ease of use and simplicity, ensuring that your tools are sterilized quickly and effectively. It features a “Cycle Complete” light, which turns on only when all tools are sterilized and all spores and other living organisms have been destroyed.

Utilizing the dry heat process of sterilization, it eliminates any potential damage that distilled water might cause and minimizes tool replacement costs. It has indicator lights showing different cycle points - preheat, sterilize, cool down and cycle complete. During cool down, the heated chamber air is pumped out the back. There is a duct fitting to vent the heated air out.


  • Built-in orthodontic plier and tool rack
  • Virtually silent when being used.
  • A digital display monitors chamber temperature at all times.
  • All functions will stop if the door is opened before the cycle is complete.
  • Operating instructions are permanently on sterilizer.