Cox Rapid Dry Heat Sterilizers

The fastest dry heat sterilizer available

Fast • Easy to Use • Maintenance Free

If time is of the necessity, the Cox Rapid Heat Sterilizer is an efficient hot air sterilizer that will preserve your costly instruments. Its quick sterilization cycles make it reputable as one of the most technically advanced dry heat sterilizers on the market. The Cox Rapid Heat Sterilizer is a valuable and cost saving addition to your business.

By using only dry heat, it eliminates the use of distilled water, preventing stainless steel tools from dulling and corroding. Rapid heat sterilization means you won't have to buy duplicate sets of instruments -- again, saving your business money and time. It's so easy to use, and allows focus more on productive work and less on sterilization.

The Cox Rapid Heat Sterilizer is intended for use in dental and orthodontic offices, retina centers, medical facilities, clinics and any other environment that requires quick, medical grade sterilization. Additionally, the Cox Sterilizer has been recognized by the ADA (American Dental Association), and has been tested and listed by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

Sterilization Cycles

Cycle 1: 6 minutes for unwrapped instruments
Cycle 2: 8 minutes for hand pieces & medical drills
Cycle 3: 12 minutes for packaged instruments


  • Quick sterilization cycles: 6, 8, 12 minute dry heat sterilization cycles
  • Low maintenance/ Eliminates the use of supplies
  • Very simple to use


  • Instrument basket can be easily removed from the chamber
  • Comes equipped with door locking mechanism
  • High-temperature door gasket provides a tight seal preventing heat loss.
  • Integrated USB port for recording or printing cycle data.

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