Dry Heat Sterilizers

Why Use Dry Heat Sterilization?

Dry Heat Sterilizers are trusted by professionals including those in medical and dental offices, nail salons, spas and salons, electrology offices, veterinary clinics, laboratories and tattoo and piercing shops. The dry heat method is considered advantageous because it's one of the most reliable ways to sterilize items without causing any corrosion to metal equipment. In addition to eliminating any rust and corrosion from forming, they protect instrument sharpness. Dry heat sterilizers are also known as hot air sterilizers and are non-toxic and completely environmentally friendly.

Many users opt for dry heat sterilizers because they're relatively easy to install and operate. Since they don't produce steam or use distilled water, dry heat machines generally cost less to run and maintain than traditional autoclaves.

Choosing a Dry Heat Sterilizer

A variety of dry heat sterilizers are available on the market today. All of these machines offer the same basic, powerful sterilizing functions, but controls and capabilities can differ substantially between models. Smaller sterilizers with two or three trays and pull-down doors are available for workspaces where flexibility is important. Added space for needle sterilization is available on these smaller machines.

Some workplaces call for larger sterilizers designed to handle a wide variety of metal equipment, bottles and needles. Larger dry heat cabinets that remain in a stationary position meet such demands. Both pull-down and side-hinged doors are available to meet the unique needs of different workplaces. These large dry heat machines offer flexible controls and added bonuses such as HEPA filtration.

Of course, all of our sterilizers meet FDA standards and can be customized to your needs with accessories such as nylon pouches, indicator strips and spore test kits. We offer free shipping on all machines and any dry heat sterilization accessories ordered with sterilizers.

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