Buyer Beware! These Are Not Dry Heat Sterilizers

Not Dry Heat Sterilizers

Over the past year, there’s been an increase in products marketed incorrectly as Dry Heat Sterilizers on Ebay and Amazon. These machines are not Dry Heat Sterilizers. They’re made overseas and built with inexpensive materials.

We first became aware of them when customers started telling us their Dry Heat Pouches were melting during normal use. It quickly became obvious that the inside of the machine wasn’t designed for bagged instruments. Pouches were too close to the heat source and creating a mess in the machine and all over the tools inside the pouches.

Most importantly, these machines haven’t been tested and approved for sterilization by the FDA. Operating a sterilizer that meets rigorous quality standards and listed on their website is critical for safety and proper sterilization. We strongly recommend having a unit at your business that meets these standards. SterilizerUSA does not sell sterilizers that aren’t FDA approved.

Wayne Dry Heat Sterilizers, from the American manufacturer who created the FDA approved Dry Heat Sterilizer design over 50 years ago, is one of our featured product lines. You can find all FDA Registered Dry Heat Sterilizers on our website.

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FAQs on Dry Heat Sterilizers

Dry Heat Sterilizers

Dry Heat Sterilizers

Are dry heat sterilizers as effective as autoclaves and other sterilizers?

Yes, our dry heat sterilizers are FDA registered and are just as effective as autoclaves and other types of sterilizers listed with the FDA.

What are the main advantages of using a dry heat sterilizer?

Dry heat sterilization is non-toxic and the best process to use on metal tools and instruments. It will not rust or corrode them like a steam autoclave does over time, allowing expensive items to last much longer. Other advantages include less pitting and dulling of sharp instruments and no drying time. Wayne Dry Heat Sterilizers are the most affordable FDA registered sterilizer available and have low operating costs.

What are some of the items that can be sterilized?

Dry heat sterilizers are commonly used with dental instruments, nail nippers, medical instruments, burs, reusable needles, glass syringes, glassware, heat-stable powders and oils. For any given item, the manufacturer’s written instructions should be consulted to verify that dry heat sterilization is appropriate.

What’s the time and temperature settings for the Wayne S500 and S1000 units?

Wayne Sterilizers adhere to the CDC’s recommended time of 60 minutes (once the sterilizer has been preheated), with an operating temperature of 340° F (171° C).

Are special sterilization pouches needed for dry heat?

Yes, nylon sterilizer pouches are the only bags designed for use in dry heat sterilizers and made to tolerate their hotter sterilization cycle. Steam autoclave pouches are made with lighter materials (plastic, paper) for lower temperatures and cannot not be used with dry heat.

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