All American Sterilizers

Autoclaves proudly Made in the USA

Light • Compact • Robust • Top loading sterilizer

SterilizerUSA offers both the electric and non-electric All American Sterilizer lines. These autoclaves are among the most economical and affordable sterilizers available today. All American Sterilizers are also easy to maintain.

Constructed from high-quality cast aluminum that is resistant to corrosion, these autoclaves use distilled water to operate and will not require additional supplies. They are compact, portable and feature a unique, precision machined "metal-to-metal" sealing system. Durable clamping locks align the cover to the base and form a steam tight seal. The cover is easily opened and closed and does not require a gasket.

All American Sterilizers will quickly recoup their economical price. These autoclave sterilizers have been thoroughly tested for safety and are popular with veterinarians, laboratories, biomedical manufacturers and many other industries.


  • Economical to use and maintain
  • Large chamber sizes
  • Built with minimum parts, which are easily replaced.
  • Made in the USA with corrosion resistant cast aluminum