Your One-Stop Shop for Sterilization

Eliminating viruses, bacteria and other pathogens is increasingly important across a range of industries – everything from sterilizing medical and surgical instruments or veterinary and laboratory equipment, to nail salon implements and more. SterilizerUSA is committed to providing cost-value equipment for multistage sterilization applications in one convenient location. We sell a wide selection of sterilization products and accessories that meet the ever-increasing demands of industry, consumers and industry best practices.

Our inventory includes affordable, value-priced sterilizing and disinfecting equipment that kills up to 99.999 percent of pathogens and neutralizes contaminants. It's not pleasant to imagine what lurks on surfaces, but with our suite of sterilizing materials, you don't have to worry about what you can't see. We carry only the highest quality, professional sterilizing equipment that meets all regulatory and industry benchmarks. Choose from our wide selection of sterilizing, cleansing and disinfecting options:

FDA-Listed Sterilizers
Our services include providing the latest FDA- and ISO-approved autoclaves and dry heat sterilization equipment and accessories, and information about the latest regulatory guidelines and legal requirements for your industry. Our Nail Salon Sterilizers are an affordable option for nail technicians.

Steam Autoclaves
We carry Tuttnauer Autoclaves, Revolutionary Science Saniclaves and All American Sterilizers. You can sterilize wrapped or unwrapped instruments, including hinged, mated or knurled instruments.

Dry Heat Sterilization
We offer top brands like Wayne, Steri-Dent, SteriSURE, Cox and Dentronix dry heat sterilizers that employ hospital-grade technology. While steam sterilization is efficient, this method can have cost and convenience drawbacks. For this reason, another popular alternative is dry heat sterilization which provides a viable, cost effective solution to sterilization needs without the higher maintenance demands of a steam sterilizer.  It’s highly effective for sterilizing metal instruments and glassware.

Disinfection Solutions
Our disinfecting solutions include Metrex and Rapicide High-Level Disinfectants in various sizes and packages.

Spare Parts and Accessories
Companies may face logistical challenges finding reliable vendors that meet the high standards of medical practices, hospitals, laboratories and other businesses. Fortunately, we carry a full line of parts and accessories for Wayne, Steri-Dent, Cox, Tuttnauer, Prestige and All American Sterilizers. We also carry testing supplies and sterilization packaging materials so that you can find what you need from one trusted vendor.
Our accessories include a full line of sterilizer pouches, spore testing kits, biological monitoring systems, testing strips and chemical indicators.